FaberryCon West Videos

Check out these fantastic videos made by staff, attendees, and other supporters around the globe, all in the name of promoting FaberryCon West.

Page last updated: August 20, 2013

Sneak Peek at Select Footage from West!

To entice you to buy a Supporting Membership, we'll show you some of the great
things that happened at West!

A Video About FaberryCon

kben made a thing about the thing.

Supporting Memberships for West!

See what's in a Supporting Membership, hear why you should get one, and find
out who wins the free drawing for scholarships!

Supporters of FaberryCon Speak Out

Here are a ton of reasons why YOU should come to FaberryCon West, as told
by the people who know first-hand how special the con really is.

A fan-made promo video for West

Made by Yashkaboom.

kabensi talks about FaberryCon West

kben tells what she learned about Faberry fans at the first con and why you
should be a part of the upcoming one.

Get pumped for West!

jarrow wants to remind you West is approaching!

Video Contest Winner #1

Made by Dee to promote the con!

Video Contest Winner #2

Made by Alex to promote the con!

Visiting the DoubleTree Hotel

jarrow takes you on a tour of the West hotel space!