FC South: Attending Info Center

Welcome to the members-only area!

This is where the folks who have committed to the con can come together and make it as awesome as possible in the ways that we want. Because, hey, it's our con.

Please do not share the username/password. If folks want in on this goodness, they can register. (Booyah.)

This page will host a wealth of information between now and the con, so it's good to check back from time to time.

Page last updated: June 25, 2015

Your "Don't Forget" List:

Just a few friendly reminders as you're packing for the con...

  • Bring cash: We will be selling things like clothing, art, bound fic, new swag, handcrafted items, and more at the con on Sunday, PLUS a huge auction! You will definitely see things you want! We'll have more stuff than ever before. Seriously. You won't believe til you see it.
  • If you're new to FaberryCon, bring your ID to registration: You'll need it to pick up your packet! (Returning attendees, having previously checked your ID, we know none of you are Tatiana Maslany and therefore can be trusted to remain the same person you were last time.)
  • Exchange roommate information beforehand: There's nothing quite like getting to a con and not having the real names and phone numbers and pictures of the people you're rooming with, and then you can't get into your room and you don't know what they look like and you're sitting in the lobby all embarrassed and trying to guess which random strangers look like they might be fangirls. Not that that's ever happened to me before or anything.
  • Booze and/or groceries for your room: If you're driving in, I recommend packing your booze/snacks of choice in your luggage so you won't have to venture out from the con to track some down.
  • Accessorize the ladies: Saturday morning, we'll have a challenge to decorate the Rachel and Quinn cardboard cutouts, so bring any fun items from home that you like!
  • Dress to impress: If you like, wear something swanky to the Prom on Saturday night! Many of us will be rollin in style.
  • Follow us on Twitter: We'll be updating officially at @FaberryConSouth with any schedule changes or announcements, like when we're opening the party rooms or when meals are coming. We'll also be using the @FaberryConLive account to livetweet our own hilarity, so you can follow that, too!

New! Your 4 Things

As you may have seen in this video, we're doing a new get-to-know-you with the badges this year. You get to list up to 4 things that you really want to talk about over the weekend. That way, people can approach you and instantly know how to connect, and you'll get to have the conversations you seek. Your list can change over time, of course, but start thinking now about what your 4 things might be. We'll share out at the Friday morning icebreaker and start making connections.

Updated! Meals at the Con

The one weak spot of this location is that there aren't really meal options nearby, other than one Ruby Tuesday's within walking distance (and a very small hotel restaurant). Therefore, we want to help by providing several catered meals -- pizza lunch on Friday (ordered from Breast Best Pizza, just like at East!), quesadilla/nacho bar dinner on Saturday, and a variety of light, finger foods for the Sunday brunch. (The brunch won't have enough to completely fill up 45 bellies, but it'll top you off well after breakfast. Plus, we'll have mimosas!) We'll get a list of places that deliver for the other meal breaks. And the hotel does have a really great (free) cooked breakfast. Yay!

New! Dinner Parties

On Friday night, we want to encourage you to bond over other shows/fandoms you love by hosting a dinner party in your room. Order takeout, put on an episode, and make a night of it! We'll give you two full hours to make the most of your time. Plus, you'll get the chance to pimp your dinner party right before it starts. You can just make a simple announcement, or you can even bring a video clip to share if you like.

Updated! Lip Sync Battle & Open Mic Night!

We set aside 2 hours Sunday night to entertain each other. Dak is hosting the all new Lip Sync Battle! Think of a song you can rock out (silently) and email it to us at faberrycon@gmail.com (or bring it on a flash drive to the con). That officially gets your name in the cup. Dak will draw names and pair competitors against each other for some low-stakes fun!

At Open Mic Night, we have typically everything from live fic reading, mad libs, and haikus to acoustic guitars and rap. There are no rules, friends -- just come and have fun. Start thinking about what you might want to showcase for your new friends :-) We'll have a sign-up at the con, so you've got time to prepare. There will be an acoustic guitar present that you're welcome to use! There will also be a laptop with speakers and a projector set up, in case you require any technology.


FaberryCon is run completely on the efforts of volunteers, staff included, and we'll need YOUR help to keep it running smoothly! We'll need extra help at certain other times during the con:

  • Party rooms: At the end of each night, we do a 5-minute sweep to throw out trash and tidy up. Remember, people are living there.
  • Friday morning: It takes about 5 people to set up the con space (chairs, projector screen, supplies, banner, laptops, etc.) from 9-10am.
  • Prom: The Prom Committee will need extra help setting up decorations after dinner and taking them down afterward. Even 5 minutes makes a difference!
  • Sunday morning: The vendors will need help setting up their tables of wares. You might just get first dibs on a special item for your efforts!
  • Sunday night: All hands on deck, as we have to completely take down the con space before midnight.

Please let us know if we can call on you to help! Email us at faberrycon@gmail.com or talk to jarrow directly.

Beverages at the Con

We will have water and sodas provided in the con space, but we encourage you to bring your own beverage of choice to help stock the Party Rooms! We are NOT allowed to bring our own beverages into the con space. However, we CAN bring drinks purchased at the bar or at the hotel Starbucks. Which means...you could get coffee and then reuse the cup in the space, and no one would be the wiser. (So long as you're subtle about it. Which, please be. Don't get us in trouble.) Also, we ARE allowed to bring in water bottles, so, again, if it's not transparent, we wouldn't know it's not water in there...Might I recommend purchasing a FaberryCon bottle? :-)

Prom Royalty

Quinn and Rachel are our prom queens, obviously, but YOU have the chance to be crowned one of their two kings!

This isn't a popularity contest where people vote, though; that's not how we roll at FaberryCon. We'll have two drawings for our kings:

  • For the first drawing, everyone's name is in the cup once. Equal opportunity for all!
  • For the second, you can sway the odds in your favor. For $1 each, put your (or whoever's) name in the cup. The sky's the limit! All funds go toward covering prom costs.

We'll have some time between the drawings so you can buy some last minute tickets if you want. The two winners will each get to dance with one of the cut-outs during "Take My Breath Away"! (They can duke it out for who gets which girl!)

Raffle & Vendor Items:

We do a raffle at the con as a fun way of giving away cool items/swag you have (Glee-related or not!) We are collecting items! Bring them to the con and give them to jarrow. Things like posters, CDs, magazines, DVDs, fanart, gift cards, etc. are great for this. Anything with value that you don't want anymore. It's a great chance to get rid of excess fannish crap in your closet. Please try to bring 1 thing to donate!

We also like to give people the chance to sell their various works at the con. If you've got bound copies of your own fic, original art, original music, crafts, t-shirts you made, or whatever else that's yours, bring it! You can set up shop on Saturday afternoon and sell to other attendees. Doesn't have to be a large supply, just something you deserve to be paid for. Please let jarrow know you have interest in selling by email us at faberrycon@gmail.com. Thanks!

Open Discussion Groups

For one hour Friday and one hour Saturday, we'll split the space in half. We'll run a Glee-themed panel and concurrently have an open space for anyone to run a conversation about any other topic you like. If you build it, they will come. There will absolutely be the opportunity to create your own group on the fly when you're there, too, if you don't feel inspired until then.

Attending Members Consent/Confidentiality:

Privacy and safety are very important to us, and we get that not everyone is "out" in fandom and wants their name and/or face spread all over the internet. So, we've made this space to let you know where those of us at the con fall in terms of photos being posted after the con. Please come check this list carefully after the con if you are posting pictures. (Members are listed alphabetically by online name.) If you want to change your designation between now and then, or if something below is incorrect or misspelled, just let us know.

This is also a great way to get to know each other before the con. Click a link and read a fic/blog!

# of Attendees to date: 45

Badge Name:Tumblr/online username:Can post their photos online?Anon or w/ online name?
Alexallthrumyribsyesname is fine
BrittanyBTrain06yesname is fine
Kriztencaptainzookyesname is fine
Cheycheyty1010yesname is fine
Keldappercourageousyesname is fine
Paul LoveDr. Loveyesname is fine
Bellaemfreakingstarkyesname is fine
Alex :)electrictwizistyesname is fine
Kelfinnfuckingshothimselfyesname is fine
AmiFlyingFleshEateryesname is fine
Kelseygoneawayawhile/KelseyOyesname is fine
GnomeGorsheninyesname is fine
Larahalfabagoffritosyesname is fine
Deeheadphones_D / shippityyesname is fine
MeganInvisiMegyesname is fine
Johnjarrowyesname is fine
TrishJustCdnTrishyesname is fine
kbenkabensiyesname is fine
Vanessalostinmcleanyesname is fine
Kendramarry-me-nayayesname is fine
MikeMisterMag00yesname is fine
KristineMonkeyDance78yesname is fine
Jessmrsbeavertonyesname is fine
Poutyprettylittlepoutymouthyesname is fine
LeahProfessorSporkyesname is fine
Dakridakulousyesname is fine
AmieRoxystyle011yesname is fine
Pooh/rqficrecsrqficrecs/poohlikeabossyesname is fine
Bridgetstix04yesname is fine
Lisssupercleverurlhereyesname is fine
Jesstamrasofthebowyesname is fine
Kayliethebubblyterroryesname is fine
Helentheseerasuresyesname is fine
Annaup1ndcloudzyesname is fine
Kristinewicked-dreameryesname is fine
Mollyyour.katyesname is fine

Note: Please allow 24 hours to have your name added if you have just registered. Thanks!