FaberryCon East Programming

February 15-17, 2013

This is where you can find specific details on exactly what happened at FaberryCon East!

Page last updated: February 22, 2013

There are 3 kinds of programming: Panels, Events, and Games.

Panels are nominated by the fandom and determined by attendee votes. Events are nominated by the fandom and selected by the con staff based on interest and schedule constraints. Games are designed by the con staff with attendee input.


Panels are 50-minute long group discussions by fans, moderated by one or two attendees. (Some will be workshop style to produce writing.) Current con policy allows attending members to Skype in a friend during panels if they so choose.

There are two tracks: General and Fic. Descriptions will be added as moderators submit them. The following panels and moderators have been selected for FaberryCon East.

Panels: General Track

  • Quinn Fabray: Pressed Lemon Extraordinaire (mod: kben)
    From pregnant head cheerleader to tattooed Skank to Yale co-ed, this is a conversation about the nuts and bolts of Quinn Fabray, how she presents herself vs. who she really is and how all of that ties into her relationships, particularly her eventual friendship with Rachel Berry.
  • From RuPaul to Roundtrip Tickets: The Faberry arc in seasons 1- 3 (mod: jarrow)
    A look at how Quinn and Rachel have evolved over the three seasons from competition to tolerance to friendship, and all the turning points along the way.
  • The First Time Ever I Shipped Faberry (mod: catchmejumping)
    From tilting your head at some not-so-subtle subtext to reading a fic that opened your eyes, we all started somewhere when it comes to shipping Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry. In this panel, we will discuss the various avenues that would eventually lead us here, to a hotel in Atlanta for FaberryCon.
  • Polls, Tumblr, and Twitter: Why Faberry visibility matters, and is fan-baiting marginalizing? (mod: jarrow)
    A discussion of why many of us try so damn hard to make sure the internet knows who we are, what we accomplish (or don't) with that, and how others view us based on our actions. Does it help or hurt our ship when the cast and creators respond?
  • Rachel Berry’s Dreams, Depth, and Crushing Defeats (mod: Superflyse)
    Rachel Berry is going to be a star. We'll discuss the lengths she'd go to get there (and what happens when those dreams come crashing around her) as an entry point for a larger discussion about who Rachel is apart from her ambition.
  • Faberry and Expectations: Dealing with Pressures Within and Without the Family (mods: kben & professorspork)
    It's no secret that Rachel and Quinn's personalities have been shaped just as much by what they think people expect of them as who they actually wish to be. In this panel, we will explore how everything from school hierarchies and family dynamics to personal goals and perceived deficits have made our girls who they are.
  • Consistently Christian and Occasionally Jewish: Faberry and Religion (mod: professorspork)
    An exploration on how Rachel's and Quinn's mindsets and actions are shaped by their religions, how their respective faiths could help or hinder them, and what they could stand to learn from each other.
  • Unrequited Love (Which Is Oh So Canon) (mod: ridakulous)
    This panel will primarily be focused on those little lines that mean so much and give us shippers so much hope. From "You were thinking about Finn and only Finn, right?" to "Glee club gets a full page photo," we'll talk about all the moments that haunt your Faberry dreams and keep you hanging on.
  • If Quinn Were a Boy… The Gender Bias (mod: kben)
    An exploration of how Quinn Fabray's life experiences would differ if she were allowed the same privileges as Glee's male character contingent. Also, the Quinnis.
  • The Impact of Faberry: Why is Faberry not just a crackship? (mod: ridakulous)
    This panel will cover those moments when Faberry stopped becoming a crackship and took over OTP status in your heart, as well as a forum to gush about what Faberry actually means to you. We'll discuss when you believe the jump happened and some of the effects resulting from Faberry.

Panels: Fic Track

  • Writing Faberry Fic: Understanding their dynamic, to canon or not to canon, and how do you Quinn? (mod: kben)
    A general overview about approaching Faberry in fanfiction, choosing what works, and adapting what doesn't.
  • When Fluff Isn't Enough: The angst of the Faberry plot (mod: professorspork)
    It's not a secret that Ryan Murphy loves to ruin our favorite girls' lives, and the desire to fix it by just letting them be happy together can be incredibly tempting. This panel will address this overcorrection in a two-pronged attack, discussing why skipping the hard work to get straight to the nice bits does a disservice both to ourselves as writers and to Rachel and Quinn as characters.
  • WIPed: Why good fics often go unfinished (mod: kben)
    A discussion of what happens to writers that makes them abandon a perfectly good story before completion. Also, a chance to personally poke the WIP Queen with sticks.
  • Faberry AUs and Not Quite AUs: What we love, why we love them, and how to write them effectively (mod: kben)
    A discussion about taking Faberry to tangent timelines and other worlds, exploring how they function beyond the canonical Gleeverse.
  • The Supporting Cast of the Faberry Fic (mod: professorspork)
    A study on the importance of not putting Faberry in a bubble: why populating their lives beyond their relationship matters, what different characters and friendships bring out in Quinn and Rachel, and the basics of finding the voices of characters you aren't as invested in--or in some cases, may not even like.
  • Faberry Fic Pet Peeves and Cliches: What should be avoided (mod: Superflyse)
    As the ex-cheerleader looked deeply into the diva's chocolate orbs, the audience wondered how many times they had read that sentence. A place to discuss those things in fic that just get to you. Pet Peeves are a personal thing, and by definition might not bother anyone else, but this will be a sacred sharing circle to talk about them.
  • The Trope Experiment: A collaborative effort to use every Faberry cliche in 1000 words or less (mod: kben)
    A tongue-in-cheek writing activity where writers and readers alike can work together to make all the things happen.

In addition, there will be a 90-minute Fic Author Q&R (Question and Response) Panel where attending authors will answer your questions about their work! This panel will feature your.kat, stix04, kabensi, FlyingFleshEater, ProfessorSpork, and KelseyO. Get insights into their processes, inquire about your favorite WIP, learn backstory details about your favorite stories, ask what's coming up next from them, and more! This panel will be filmed for release to supporting members.


The following events have been selected for FaberryCon East:

  • Lunch Mixer
    We'll have a great lunch ready and waiting when you arrive while you squee with everyone else who just showed up, too.
  • Theater
    During registration on Friday, attendees can hang out in the theater room to watch 2 favorite episodes (determined by vote) and chat with new friends!
  • Skype Party
    During registration on Friday, attendees can chat with other Faberrians in the room or across the globe! We'll set up a space for you to Skype with folks who couldn't make it in person. Those who don't want to Skype can chill in the con suite and get to know other attendees before the con officially kicks off.
  • KaraokGlee!
    Let's sing! We'll bring the Wii and the Glee karaoke game, and you bring your talent and drunken shenanigans. This will be Friday night as a great ice-breaker.
  • Media Show
    After talking all day, it'll feel good to turn off the lights and watch things on the big screen together, theater style! We'll have already watched episodes, so why not make a mixtape (so to speak) of all our favorite Faberry things? This would include vids, scenes (both aired and deleted), and musical numbers from episodes. Basically, anything you can think of that's watchable! We'll ask for YOUR ideas of what you want to see, and jarrow will string it together in a great playlist! This will be on Saturday night.
  • Fic Premieres
    We'll have many great authors in attendance, and I bet we can talk at least some of them into debuting some fic at the con with a live reading! This could be a brand new piece or a continuation of a WIP, a whole story or just a new chapter, even something written at the con! Consider it a special treat for con attendees before the work goes live online. This will be on Sunday night.


The following games are currently in progress for FaberryCon East:

Murder at McKinley:

Ever played "The Village: Werewolves of Millers Hollow" or "Mafia"? You know, where people have roles and the bad guys (whose identities are secret) try to "kill" the good guys before the good guys can figure out who's who? Yeah, well. Imagine playing it with the cast of McKinley High, featuring Serial!Killer Quinns! Download the instructions/character information here and prepare for hilarity and genius. Big thanks to whatrumorstho and babybear613 for putting this together!

Faberry Game Show:

  • Pictionary! Draw ridiculous Faberry-themed clues (both short and long) as people try to guess the prompt. Bring your imagination and prepare to laugh. A lot.
  • Scene Charades! Act out a key Faberry scene with a partner, but no speaking allowed! Scripts have been edited to enhance awesomeness, subtext, and hilarity.
  • Manip or Real? Team up and put your heads together to determine whether the picture of Lea and Dianna is legit or not. Damn wizards and their Photoshop.

Fanfiction Game Show:

  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? Authors and fic enthusiasts battle to identify who wrote a given line of fic (and what it's from). Come watch your favorite authors completely forget that thing they wrote that time. Tequila is encouraged.
  • Draw the Fic! Think of it as fanfic Pictionary. Get a fic title, draw the plot, and let the crowd sort out which one it is. You know, based on your awesome artistic skills.
  • Canon or Fanon? Team up and put your heads together to determine whether the prompt actually happened in canon or if it's from fic. (Do we even know anymore? ...or care?)

Both game shows will be filmed for release to supporting members.