FaberryCon Store FAQ

FaberryCon Store FAQ

Page last updated: July 24, 2016

If your question is not answered here, email us at faberrycon@gmail.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks!


Are you going to be adding more items to the store as time goes on? Should I wait before buying things?

Now that the con is over, we won't be adding any new Faberry items to this site. Please help us clean out our inventory! :-)

I sent in an order already, but now I want to add to it. Paypal says I have to pay shipping again on my new items. What do I do?

Paypal does automatically add shipping in every time you place an order. So, to avoid that, don't use the store buttons again -- email us at faberrycon@gmail.com to let us know what you want to add. We'll arrange for you to just paypal us the cost separately so you don't double-pay shipping.

I don't use Paypal. Can I still buy from the store and just mail a check or money order?

Absolutely! Because of reasons, it made more sense to build a Paypal store and accommodate our handful of check writers as needed. To make your purchase, email us a list of what you want to faberrycon@gmail.com. jarrow will confirm your order and the final total, then get you the information to mail your payment. We apologize for the extra step!


How much does shipping cost?

For all packages from our store, regardless of how many things you buy, US shipping is $3 and international is $12. This includes the cost of mailing as well as the padded envelope. Anything you purchase from Spreadshirt.com ships from them at their rates, which vary based on how much you buy.

My Paypal account lists the wrong name, email, or mailing address for sending my stuff. What should I do?

No problem. We'll reply to every order we receive to confirm all of this information, and you can correct us as needed. Or, even better, email faberrycon@gmail.com and let us know the situation before we have to ask! We'll get you squared away.


I'm thinking about donating, but I want more information about where the money goes first.

Sure! The registration fees cover most of our overhead costs, such as the hotel space we rent, the materials we print, and our insurance. Sometimes we need a little help making ends meet. Mostly, donations help us do "extra" things that make the con a more enjoyable experience. For example, provide a meal to everyone near the start of the con, which lets people get to know each other and brings us together as a community. Donations might also go toward providing snacks and drinks in the party rooms for everyone to share, or buying new swag items, or renting AV equipment we need (projector, microphones, etc). Every $5 or $10 gives us a little more breathing room, as the con is always working around the break-even point. We also have a scholarship fund to assist members who need a little help to participate. jarrow works very hard to account for every penny and be sure all funds benefit the attendees as directly as possible.

Is my donation to FaberryCon tax deductible?

Unfortunately not, as we are not a non-profit. (Technically speaking, that is. It's an independent business, but the con doesn't really "profit." It strives to break even.) But think of the karma! That's way better than tax deductions.