FaberryCon South Programming

July 9-12, 2015

Page last updated: June 15, 2015

This is where you can find specific details on what's planned for FaberryCon South!

There are 3 kinds of programming: Panels, Events, and Games. Panels are nominated by the fandom and determined by attendee votes with con chair oversight. Events and games are selected and designed by the con staff based on success/feedback from past events.

Some programming will be filmed for release to supporting and attending members after the con, indicated in purple.


Most panels are open group discussions, typically 50 minutes and moderated by one or two attendees. Some panels will run against others (happening simultaneously in different spaces); some panels will be unopposed. Some panels will be whole group, others might be small group. Con policy allows attendees to Skype in a friend during panels to listen if they so choose. There are 7 panels scheduled for FaberryCon South:

  • Dynamics of a Duo: What I Like About Faberry (Moderator: BTrain06) -- A general discussion of Quinn and Rachel as individual characters, how they complement each other, and why they work so well as a couple.

  • Faberry/Fandom Futures (Moderator: jarrow) -- Now that canon is officially closed, let’s discuss where things ended and our own headcanons for Glee’s timeline and events. Then, let’s turn the spotlight onto the fandom itself. With many Faberry fans moving into other arenas and Faberry Week ending, how are we keeping the fandom alive? What fanworks are we creating to keep the fires burning? What do we want our legacy to be?

  • Faberry and Religion (Moderator: ProfessorSpork) -- An exploration on how Rachel and Quinn’s storylines were shaped by their respective religions, and how their faith journeys both on the show and in fanfiction inspired the closeted Christians, outcast Jews, and unsure misfits among us.

  • Great Expectations (Moderator: rqficrecs) -- Quinn and Rachel have always had big expectations placed on them by external forces, themselves, and each other. In this panel we’ll discuss those themes, perhaps looking deeper into the expectations placed on Quinn in the early seasons and on Rachel in the later seasons.

  • Intersections: The Connections Between Faberry and Other Ships (Moderator: FlyingFleshEater) -- Many of us have moved into other fandoms by now. Are we partially drawn in because there are similarities between those new ships and Faberry? Why have certain new shows become very popular in the Faberry community? Here, we’ll discuss these themes and more.

  • Let's Talk About Sex (Moderator: PrettyLittlePoutyMouth) -- We're reviving this great panel from West! Here, we’ll discuss one of the best parts of fanfiction: the smut. What are you looking for when you click that M-rated fic? Who is the real top in the Faberry bedroom? Why is it some of us have to have an entire backstory and exposition before we can craft the sex itself? Everyone is encouraged to share what draws them in and what takes them out of the moment – from the terminology, the physicality, and the introspection to the acts and kinks, themselves.

  • Mix It Up (Moderator: ProfessorSpork) -- Quinn and Rachel are obviously great together, but many of us enjoy their other relationships with Glee ladies – Pezberry, Quinntana, Pieberry, Quitt, Quinntina, and so on. In this panel, we’ll shake things up and celebrate these other connections.

Special panels:

  • NEW! The History of Faberry Fanfiction
    Join kabensi & rqficrecs on a guided tour back to our fandom's early beginnings, exploring trends, tropes, and touchstones of our fanfiction over the years. Come get a history lesson from two ladies who've been there through it all. [filmed]

  • NEW! Photoshop Tutorial
    xactodreams is no stranger to the ins and outs of Photoshop. She'll show you how to make gifs, edit a Faberry manip, and how she makes the graphics for Faberry Haikus. You can submit specific questions or topics ahead of time, as well, that she can address at the con (as time allows). It's all in the name of inspiring the creation more Faberry fan art, yay! [filmed]

  • Writing Process (Moderators: KelseyO & PrettyLittlePoutyMouth)
    A general discussion of the ins and outs of writing fic, with particular focus on (but not limited to) some of the challenges of writing Faberry, specifically.

  • As is tradition, we'll be repeating the ever-important "Here's to Us" panel on Sunday afternoon, where attendees can share personal stories about how being in the fandom has affected their lives. Kleenex provided!


We're working hard to assemble a line-up of special experiences you won't soon forget. As always, we strive to provide a mix of FaberryCon favorites and some fun, new things as well. The con staff really takes into consideration feedback from attendees after each con so we can make the next one even better. The list is subject to change, but here's what's currently on the horizon:

  • NEW! Prom
    That's right -- This time, our crowning event (har har) will be our very own prom! Bring your shiniest threads and your dancing shoes and prepare to tear it up under the glittering lights! You'll even have a chance at becoming a living legend -- FaberryCon prom royalty!

  • NEW! Judy Fabray's Sunday Social & Shopping Time
    After partying hard Saturday night, we'll let you slink into Sunday, Judy-style. Basically, you can drink mimosas and buy a bunch of great stuff from other attendees, like art and swag. We'll have lots of new items to offer this year!

  • NEW! Pimp My Dinner Party
    Want to host a viewing party in your room during dinner to get new friends interested in your show/ship of choice? We'll give you 3 minutes to tell us all about it and show a video clip to entice us to join you!

  • NEW! Lip Sync Battle
    Come watch some duels to the death! (Okay, hopefully not actual death.) Prep your song and throw down against a worthy opponent. Beware of flying panties from the audience.

  • NEW! Auction
    We've got some great big-ticket items that will surely be fought over. Come watch the chaos unfold, led by our own grand auctioneer ProfessorSpork, and help us raise money for charity.

  • REVAMPED! Icebreaker
    We're taking a new approach to help you connect with people Friday morning that will hopefully help bridge the social anxiety of meeting strangers. We want you to feel at home with us as soon as possible and meet people who share your interests.

  • REVAMPED! Media Show
    Yeah, we always have a media show, but not like this! This time, instead of watching an episode, we're going to kick off the con with an interactive icebreaker: a playlist of favorite musical performances of our lovely ladies, both as Quinn and Rachel and as themselves! (e.g. Just Another Girl, Express Yourself, etc.) We encourage you to hoot and holler and throw various articles of clothing as the spirit moves you. It's really unfair that they're so attractive and talented. Let's suffer together.

  • REVAMPED! Vid Show
    This hour is all about celebrating the power of fan imagination, whether that be a songvid, remix, or animation. Come watch some of the best creations the Faberry fandom has to offer. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll swoon. But what did you expect? It's Faberry.

And just like previous years, we'll give you the chance to dazzle us at Open Mic Night! [filmed]

Special Thursday Events:

Because three days of con goodness simply isn't enough, we've got extra fun planned to kick off the weekend!

  • Welcome Party
    Come party with everyone else who's coming in early! It'll be great to catch up with everyone.

  • Probable Robot screening
    If you haven't heard by now, our very own kabensi is a talented filmmaker working on her third movie, Probable Robot. She's bringing a cut to FaberryCon to give us a (free!) exclusive sneak peak! We'll even serve (free!) popcorn and candy during the screening because we love you that much. Karyn will answer your burning questions afterward and probably autograph your boob if you ask nicely. You will also be able to purchase awesome PR swag during shopping time later in the weekend!


Much as we love our deep conversations, we'll lighten the mood each day with some kind of group game, guaranteed to entertain. We're changing up the rotation yet again to keep it fresh and fun. Here's what's in the works for South:

  • NEW! Haiku Battle
    Team up, put your heads together, and write a Faberry haiku (or twelve) that hits the rest of the room right in the feels or the funny bones. The best ones might get featured on Faberry Haikus! [filmed]

  • NEW! Game Show
    kben and jarrow have put their heads together to devise a brand new game that is sure to have you in stitches. The laughing kind, not the medical kind. Unless something goes terribly, terribly wrong. [filmed]

  • The Fic Battle was so epic at FaberryCon North (part 1, part 2), we just have to do it again! This time with 3 additional categories to up the insanity factor. Start the clock! [filmed]

  • We'll wake up Saturday morning with Icebreaker Games, like decorating the Rachel and Quinn cutouts, to get you laughing early. [filmed]

  • During the Prom, we'll revive our ever-inappropriate version of Musical Chairs. Trust us, it's amazing. (Will Team Alex be able to defend their title??)

  • We'll keep a steady supply of Party Room games available as well, such as Cards Faberry Against Humanity, Faberry Yahtzee, and Murder at McKinley.

  • NEW! Geek Out Trivia
    Watch or play, but you won't want to miss this geekfest. kben will give a prompt, and players bid on how many they can name. (The number on the card is just a suggestion. Don't worry, we're laughing, too.) Highest bidder proves it! Come show your stuff and earn some mighty fannish street cred.

(Sample cards from the game)