FC West: Attending Info Center

Welcome to the members-only area!

This is where the folks who have committed to the con can come together and make it as awesome as possible in the ways that we want. Because, hey, it's our con.

Please do not share the username/password. If folks want in on this goodness, they can register. (Booyah.)

Photo Album

After the con, jarrow will mail you a DVD with all the filmed footage (including Karaoke and other Attending Members exclusives!) We will also put a photo album from the con with pictures we took there. This consolidates them and helps us share photos without having to post them online. Again, this would go to attending members only. There is a separate album we will send to Supporting Members.

So, after the con, please email the pictures you took (that you're willing to share) to faberrycon@gmail.com by 8/7, and jarrow will include them in the album! Please note that this is separate from the consent list below, which applies to posting pictures online for general consumption. By registering for/attending the con, you've already consented to having your picture taken by attendees, for attendees. :-)

Attending Members Consent/Confidentiality:

Privacy and safety are very important to us, and we get that not everyone is "out" in fandom and wants their name and/or face spread all over the internet. So, we've made this space to let you know where those of us at the con fall in terms of photos being posted after the con. Please come check this list carefully after the con if you are posting pictures. (Members are listed alphabetically by online name.) If you want to change your designation between now and then, no problem -- just let us know.

Friendly note: If anything below is misspelled, then let me know, because this is what you put on your registration :-)

# of Attendees to date: 50

Badge Name:Tumblr/online username:Can post their photos online?Anon or w/ online name?
Amy Aeronaeropsno
Kailybadwolftemperance/BadWolfKailyyesname is fine
Jaymesblublastcomplexyesname is fine
RebekahBrabkeb, norwesteryesanon
JordanCallie1121yesname is fine
Cartercaptainominousyesname is fine
Dianadianasharkgronyesname is fine
Alexemilyfreakingstarkyesname is fine
Terrygleekterryyesname is fine
Kelseygoneawayawhileyesname is fine
Amber Raegreen-eyes-90yesname is fine
Larahalfabagoffritosyesname is fine
Cheyenneidontneedtobeforgiven/only_because3yesname is fine
Johnjarrowyesname is fine
JamesJspencer1986yesname is fine
Trishjustcdntrishyesname is fine
kbenkabensiyesname is fine
AliciaLDfreedomTByesname is fine
Adriennellamawrathyesname is fine
Katemeagainstthemusiicyesname is fine
Meaganmeaganplsyesname is fine
KristineMonkeyDance78yesname is fine
Jessmrsbeavertonyesname is fine
Serenitynotquitesurewhyiyesname is fine
Poohpoohlikeaboss/rqficrecyesname is fine
Poutyprettylittlepoutymouthyesname is fine
LeahProfessorSporkyesname is fine
Ryderr-k-eyesname is fine
Deeshippity / inspiteofbalance / HeadphonesDyesname is fine
BiaSleepywriter08yesname is fine
ChrisSonOfCameronFryyesname is fine
Kayliethebubblyterroryesname is fine
WhitneyTheFaberryQueenyesname is fine
AshlyeTryandmakeyourselfyesname is fine
Kristinewicked-dreameryesname is fine
Sharelle WatchYashkaboomyesname is fine

Page last updated: August 1, 2013