FaberryCon North Programming

July 24-27, 2014

This is where you can find specific details on what happened at FaberryCon North!

Page last updated: January 1, 2015

There are 4 kinds of programming: Panels, Events, Workshops, and Games.

Panels are nominated by the fandom and determined by attendee votes with con chair oversight. Events are selected by the con staff based on interest and schedule constraints. Games are designed by the con staff with attendee input. Workshops are designed by the moderators.


Panels are open group discussions, ranging from 30-90 minutes and moderated by one or two attendees. Con policy allows attending members to Skype in a friend during panels to listen if they so choose. There are six panels scheduled for North:

  • Gold Stars and Unpressed Lemons (Moderators: PrettyLittlePoutyMouth & rqficrecs) — This panel will focus on who Rachel and Quinn are as individuals, as two separate 30-minute discussions. We’ll examine their character arcs, personalities, motivations, and challenges.
  • Faberry Futures (Moderator: ridakulous) — Where do we tend to draw the line within canon to branch off and develop our own fanons for fic or headcanons? Where is that ideal place in canon? For those of us who are still willing to work with all the given show canon, how to we steer these characters back together? As time allows, we'll also discuss the future of the Faberry fandom and the impact our online presence has on our ship and fandom in general.
  • Unrequited, and it Feels So Good (Moderator: xactodreams) — Rachel and Quinn are obviously perfect for each other, even though we’ll never see it play out the way it should have. What makes these two girls so well-matched for each other? Why are we such suckers for this delicious angst? In this panel, we’ll relish in the pain of what has been and what could’ve been, examining the many connections and missed opportunities across the Faberry canon.
  • Consistently Christian and Occasionally Jewish: Faberry and Religion (Moderators: ProfessorSpork & KelseyO) — An exploration on how Rachel’s and Quinn’s mindsets and actions are shaped by their religions, how their respective faiths could help or hinder them, and what they could stand to learn from each other.
  • If Quinn Were a Boy… The Gender Bias (Moderator: kabensi) — An exploration of how Quinn Fabray’s life experiences would differ if she were allowed the same privileges as Glee’s male character contingent. Also, the Quinnis.
  • Here's to Us (Moderator: jarrow) — We're all here because in some way, being in the Faberry fandom has made an impact on who we are as people -- fannishly, personally, socially, emotionally. In this panel, we'll share our personal stories and celebrate the power of how fandom can change lives.

If you are interested in moderating an unclaimed panel, please email us at and let us know!

In addition, we will have an hour of time for open discussion groups. We'll set up circles of chairs and let people volunteer to start their own 25-minute discussion. It's a great opportunity to find new friends who want to talk about the show, video game, actress, sport, religion, life experience, or whatever else YOU want to discuss, too. Watch for sign-ups happening soon!


  • Episode Theater
    Friday morning, attendees can hang out in the theater room to watch a favorite episode (determined by vote) and chat with new friends!
  • KaraokGlee!
    Let's sing! We'll bring the Wii and the Glee karaoke game, and you bring your talent and drunken shenanigans. This will be Friday night as a great ice-breaker.
  • Shopping Time
    We'll let the vendors set up for 30 minutes on Saturday to market their art, fic, music, swag, and whatever else! Bring your dollars!
  • Fic Author Q&R
    We'll have many great authors in attendance, and we'll assemble an amazing panel for a Question & Response session! kabensi will host it, James Lipton style, asking the hard-hitting questions about writing Faberry fanfiction. Then, you'll get your chance to ask an author that burning question you've had for so long. This will be on Saturday afternoon. The panelists are: RhymesInOrange, TripUpStairs, Roxystyle011, and DAgron01. We'll have returning panelists from previous cons open for questions, as well!
  • Media Show
    After talking all day, it'll feel good to turn off the lights and watch things on the big screen together, theater style! jarrow has strung together a great playlist of some amazing Faberry vids, scenes, and musical numbers for your watching pleasure! This will be on Saturday evening.
  • FaberryCon Awesome Jamz Party
    NEW! It's basically a group sing-along of things we like, because we're awesome. DJ KBS is going to rock a playlist of tunes attendees submit, and you're free to sing, dance, or just enjoy the awesome slideshow of pictures in the background. Be prepared to rock out to Glee tunes and whatever else makes us happy. Woohoo! This will be close out Saturday night.
  • Open Mic Night
    Our talents aren't just limited to writing and making art! If you've got some talent ripe for the open mic stage, bring it! You can sing, read poetry, rap, tell jokes, do stupid human tricks, whatever you want. This is Sunday night to close out the con! Alcohol is encouraged.


New for FaberryCon North!

For this con, we really want to empower the fandom to create their own fanworks. With canon all but closes, fanworks are how we can keep Faberry alive. Here, we'll show you how. Come take part in the creation of something, or just watch the magic happen. We hope you'll come away feeling inspired, or at the very least feel more appreciative of the hard work that goes into it.

  • Fic Workshop: kabensi will lead a discussion of the challenges of writing Faberry fic and why it's so awesome, and then get you putting pen to paper! Expect some prompt brainstorming, drabble writing, talk about how to structure longer fics, and much more. This is scheduled for Friday.
  • Vid Workshop: jarrow will lead a discussion of the challenges of vidding and why it's awesome, and then you'll help him build a vidlet right then and there on the big screen! Expect discussion about what effective vids look like and a lot of trial-and-error as we move clips around on the timeline, working together to create a product. This is scheduled for Sunday.


One of the best things about getting together with people in person is getting to have fun together playing games. To get to know each other, we'll have ice breakers each morning:

  • NEW! Team Games: Friday, we'll laugh it up with some Faberry-themed original Mad Libs! Saturday, we'll let you pick to be on Team Rachel or Team Quinn. First, you'll complete a Faberry Scavenger Hunt (trust us, it's awesome). Then, we'll give each team 15 minutes to decorate its respective cardboard cut-out! Use anything you brought from home or whatever's in the hotel. Go wild!
  • Murder at McKinley: As seen on the FaberryCon East Supporting Member DVDs! Ever played "The Village: Werewolves of Millers Hollow" or "Mafia"? You know, where people have roles and the bad guys (whose identities are secret) try to "kill" the good guys before the good guys can figure out who's who? Yeah, well. Imagine playing it with the cast of McKinley High, featuring Serial!Killer Quinns! We'll give you a character (and an information sheet, as some have powers!) and embark on a murderous adventure of hilarity and paranoia. Big thanks to whatrumorstho and babybear613 for donating the game! This will happen on Sunday morning.

In the afternoons, we play some larger games:

  • Fannish Pictionary! Draw long, ridiculous Faberry-themed clues as people try to guess the prompt. Then, we'll break into groups as you write your own! Bring your imagination and prepare to laugh. A lot.
  • NEW! Fic Battle We've got a smorgasboard of talented writers onhand, and it's time to put them to work for our amusement! Writers will volunteer, split into teams, and write a fic in timed rounds with different genres. Cheer on your favorite authors and prepare for a lot of feels.

Both Pictionary and the Fic Battle will be filmed for release to Supporting Members.