FaberryCon Five Programming

July 15-17, 2016

Page last updated: June 23, 2016

For the final con, we want to bring the very best of what FaberryCon has to offer, a "greatest hits," if you will. In particular, though, we are putting an emphasis on writing, because for so many of us, reading or writing Faberry fic is what brought us into the fandom or helped us find our home there. It seems appropriate, then, to celebrate those stories one more time together as a group. With canon long closed, writing is what keeps this fandom going, and in so many ways, it's what made us great. We're also hoping to celebrate new stories being written, as many Faberry authors are moving on to their own original works!

Items noted in purple will be filmed for release to Supporting Members.

Here is what you will see at FaberryCon Five:


  • Here's to Us (moderator: jarrow)
    With this being the final con, it's ever more poignant to discuss what this fandom has meant to us over the years and how it has changed our lives. Kleenex provided!

  • Faberry Forever (moderator: rqficrecs)
    There's something special about sitting in that room, feeling safe to share your Faberry feelings with others who understand. We won't let the chance pass to experience that one last time. In this panel, we'll bring it full circle to reminisce on the best of canon and fanon, and celebrate what will keep this pairing in our hearts forever.

  • Fic Wrecked (moderator: KelseyO)
    We've all got 'em: Fics that were incredibly impactful on our lives for one reason or another, whether personal or fannish, whether as a reader or a writer. Let's talk about the Faberry fics that changed our lives and why.

  • Faberry and Religion (moderator: ProfessorSpork)
    As is tradition at every FaberryCon, come talk about all things religion, including but not limited to how Rachel and Quinn's respective faiths played out in their lives in canon and fanon.

  • The Not-So-Gr8 Migrations (moderator: theseerasures)
    A significant portion of the Faberry/FaberryCon fandom moved from Glee to Once Upon a Time (and/or Carmilla), then to The 100, and goodness only knows where we'll go next. Come discuss the themes that drew so many of us from one show to another, and analyze what this femslash community is looking for in its television. What kind of show might be our next home?

  • Future Plans (moderator: xactodreams)
    With the con ending, we have the option of creating a new annual social get-together, like a group vacation. This is our chance to discuss possibilities face to face as a group, like where we might go, when it would happen, and what we might want to do together.

  • Open Discussion Groups
    Didn't see what you wanted to discuss on the schedule? Start your own conversation about anything you like!


  • Senior Prom
    The highlight of FaberryCon South is back for round two! Bring your shiniest threads and your dancing shoes and prepare to tear it up under the glittering lights! We're going out in style. You'll even have a chance at becoming a living legend -- FaberryCon prom royalty!

  • Judy Fabray's Sunday Social & Auction
    After partying hard Saturday night, we'll let you slink into Sunday, Judy-style. Basically, you can drink mimosas and buy a bunch of great stuff from other attendees, like art and swag, plus amazing baskets and big items in our live auction!

  • Faberry Vid Show
    Come see our lovely ladies on the big screen one more time in some of your favorite vids, guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and feel the Faberry love all over again.

  • YouTube Media Show
    It's a lot of fun to watch favorite scenes and music videos featuring these characters and actors, especially with friends and especially on a big screen! (Examples: You Keep Me Hanging On, Just Another Girl, etc.) Let's swoon together.

  • Open Mic Night / Lip Sync Battle [filmed]
    That's right -- double your pleasure, double your fun, it's time once again for the double punch of open mic and lip sync! If you've got something to share, we want to hear it! Beware of flying panties from the audience.

  • Big Gay Disney Movie Q&A w/ ProfessorSpork [filmed]
    Come discuss TWICE SHY, Leah's movie script in progress. When Princess Daphne’s betrothed, Theo, is kidnapped by werewolves on their wedding day, she takes it upon herself to rescue him. She enlists the help of a Red Rider named Nina, only to find herself feeling things she’s never felt before as they travel together. Can she find Theo and save her kingdom? And if she does—is marrying Theo really what she wants anymore? (Spoiler alert: no, it’s not.)

  • Pilot Script Reading and Q&A w/ ProfessorSpork [filmed]
    CUBED is a half-hour comedy about Zara Roth, the title a play on the two defining arenas of Zara’s life: the shitty desk job that she hates, and the three-way polyamorous relationship that she loves. In this origin story episode, Zara’s almost-threesome with her roommates Chelsea and Andre—on what should have been her wedding night to her ex—leaves all three of them feeling the need to redefine what’s between them. Come read for one of the parts or just listen in on the brilliance!

  • Concert with Paul Love [filmed]
    Our very own musician-in-residence, Paul, is going to share his latest song stylings and serenade this audience he cherishes so deeply. Prepare to swoon!

We're also hoping to organize going to a late night Thursday showing of the new Ghostbusters movie, for those who are interested!


  • Fic Battle [filmed]
    Where else do you see such ridiculous femslash hijinks across a dozen genres and prompts? Start the clock!

  • The Fic Draft [filmed]
    A new game! Teams take turns selecting Faberry fics they'd never want to live without, one round at a time. The idea is, whatever the other teams pick, You will never be able to read again, muahaha! Choose wisely -- before they do! Bring that Rachel Berry competitive spirit and/or that Quinn Fabray attitude and build the best arsenal of stories for keepsies. (Don't worry, it's all in good fun. And in the end, we'll have a great recs list to post.)

  • Fic or Fiction? [filmed]
    A game for those who've read it all! jarrow will present a fic summary, and you determine if it's from a real fic or made up.

  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? [filmed]
    We still remember our favorite fics, right? We'll see! It's time to bring back the hit game of East & West and battle to identify Faberry stories based on sections of text. (jarrow promises it will be the easiest version of this game yet!) Come watch your favorite authors completely forget that thing they wrote that time. It'll be hilarious.

  • Geek Out Trivia
    Watch or play, but you won't want to miss this geekfest. The host will give a prompt, and players bid on how many answers they can name. Highest bidder proves it! Come show your stuff and earn some mighty fannish street cred.