Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: July 24, 2016

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  1. What is FaberryCon?

    FaberryCon is an in-person gathering of Faberry fans from all over the map to celebrate everything about our awesome ship in amazing ways that can’t be duplicated online. For some, it's a chance to meet their Tumblr friends or favorite fic authors in-person. For others, it's a chance to make new friends they'd never get to meet otherwise. It's certainly a rare opportunity to be in a safe space surrounded by others who love Faberry as much as you do. No matter what your angle, it's going to be a fantastic time.

    FaberryCon isn't trying to be exclusive, but we also know it won't be every Faberry shipper's idea of a good time. It IS trying to be as inclusive as possible by providing a variety of events, topics, and opportunities to participate.

    FaberryCon isn't AntiFinchelCon. Finn has literally nothing to do with it; his name barely comes up. It IS about Quinn and Rachel, their dynamic, their stories, and the stories we write about them.

    FaberryCon isn't AcheleCon, and it isn't about Lea or Dianna. It IS an Achele-friendly space just as much as it's friendly to any interest, and we want our attendees to feel safe and validated. It IS focused on Faberry first and foremost.

    FaberryCon isn't a way of trying to get attention from Lea, Dianna, or Ryan Murphy, or even anything we need them to know about. It IS a way for fans with similar interests to hang out and have a great time.

    FaberryCon isn't an attempt at asserting superiority over any other faction of Glee fandom. It IS simply a step this particular faction has taken to celebrate its community in-person. FaberryCon supports any other faction coming together to do the same. In fact, the organizers have helped BrittanaCon get off the ground, and we're cheering them on!

  2. Wait, there was more than one con?

    Yes! Because we've had such a great time together, it's been running annually since 2013. We had five total cons -- in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Newark.

  3. Why did the con end?

    With Glee over and many people moved on to other fandoms, we decided to go out on a high note and end at what felt like an appropriate time to do so. Five cons is a lot for a single ship! :-) But our family has started a new con, TGIF/F, and most of us have migrated over there now.

  4. Were the cons very different from each other?

    Each con was a unique entity as the fandom changed and grew. We discussed Faberry a lot in the beginning, and over time we'started to focus more on creation and building community. We repeated programming that worked (when still relevant) and brought in new programming each time to keep things fresh. Each con was mostly the same staff, a similar structure/schedule, and most importantly, the same feeling of community in a safe space. We tweak edeach con based on feedback from its predecessor to make every FaberryCon the best it can be.

  5. How many people attended?

    FaberryCon's capacity is based on the space we rented. We preferred to keep it small to build more intimate friendships. East had 35 attendees, West had 50, North had 55, South had 46, and the final con had 35 again.

  6. Were Lea Michele or Dianna Agron there?

    Nope. No actors or celebrities were invited by the con. This is a fan con run by fans and for fans. This con is about the characters, not the actors. But even more, it's about US.