FaberryCon West Programming

July 26-28, 2013

This is where you can find specific details on exactly what happened at FaberryCon West!

Page last updated: August 1, 2013

There are 3 kinds of programming: Panels, Events, and Games.

Panels are nominated by the fandom and determined by attendee votes with con chair oversight. Events are nominated by the fandom and selected by the con staff based on interest and schedule constraints. Games are designed by the con staff with attendee input.


Panels are 50-minute-long open group discussions, moderated by one or two attendees. Con policy allows attending members to Skype in a friend during panels if they so choose.

There are two tracks: General and Fic. We try to have an even balance of panels from each track throughout the weekend so there's something for everyone! In several instances, two similar nominated panels have been merged into one power hour. The following panels and moderators were selected for FaberryCon West.

Panels: General Track

  • Quinn Fabray: Unpressed Lemon Extraordinaire / The Quinntana Effect (mod: jarrow)
    Oh hey, did you hear? Quinn Fabray is gay for ladies. (Shocking, we know.) In our opening panel of the con, we'll discuss the various events that led Quinn to finally give in to her destiny desires, how everyone saw it coming (especially Santana -- wanky!), and the ways Quinntana justifies Faberry over the previous seasons.
  • Why Faberry Works: Canonical Complements and Differences in Dynamic in Seasons 1- 3 (mod: Serenity)
    This panel is all about why we're here. We saw something between these two characters. A connection of sorts that went beyond the simple plain text. Whether it was Rachel giving Jacob her underwear to prevent the story about Quinn or Quinn telling Rachel to leave the anchors of her past behind to start a new future. We believe there is more to the relationship between these two women than meets the eye. Now we have the chance to discuss all of the little nuances in regards to why we believe a relationship between these characters just works.
  • Rachel Berry’s Dreams, Depth, and Crushing Defeats (mod: Pooh)
    Rachel Berry’s dream is to be a big star, but will she make it? In this panel, we'll discuss all that Rachel will do (and has done) to become a star, how she reacts when those dreams crash, and just how loving, loyal, and unselfish she really is. Also, her legs are disgusting.
  • Great Expectations: How Quinn and Rachel are shaped by pressures from family, friends, and each other (mod: ProfessorSpork)
    It's no secret that Rachel and Quinn's personalities have been shaped just as much by what they think people expect of them as who they actually wish to be. In this panel, we will explore how everything from school hierarchies and family dynamics to personal goals and perceived deficits have made our girls who they are.
  • Rachel and Quinn: Independent or Codependent? (mod: ProfessorSpork)
    Between Rachel's apparent clinginess and Quinn's domineering attitude, neither have had the best of luck with relationships. How do these tendencies inform their personalities and their compatibility?
  • Here’s to Us: How Shipping Faberry Has Changed My Life (mod: jarrow)
    We're all here because in some way, being in the Faberry fandom has made an impact on who we are as people -- fannishly, personally, socially, emotionally. In this panel, we'll share our personal stories and celebrate the power of how fandom can change lives.

Panels: Fic Track

  • College, Crossovers, AUs, and Why Everything Is Better With Faberry (mod: kben)
    What happens once we've taken Faberry out of high school, out of Ohio, and, in some cases, off the planet? Why are we driven to read and write stories about these two, beyond the canon universe? This is an exploration of tangent Faberry universes, both close to home and as far away as the raggedy edge.
  • Let’s Talk About Sex: The many various, delicious Faberry sexual dynamics (mod: Pouty)
    What are you looking for when you click that M-rated fic? Here, we'll discuss one of the best parts of fanfiction: the smut. Who is the real top in the Faberry bedroom? Why is it some of us have to have an entire backstory and exposition before we can craft the sex itself? Everyone is encouraged to share what draws them in and what takes them out of the moment -- from the terminology, the physicality, and the introspection to the acts and kinks, themselves.
  • Why I Like the Thing: Our favorite Faberry fic genres & tropes and why they make us tick (mod: only_because3)
    Lets face it. We all have our head canons when it comes to our girls and, often, these are reflected in fan fiction. If we enter the realm of the supernatural, we’ll find vampire!Quinn and werewolf!Rachel. If we start delving into girl!peen, more often than not we’re met with the (impressive) Quinnis. When it comes to quirks, Rachel’s constant humming and love of bedazzling everything is often met with Quinn’s passionate love affair with bacon. During this panel, we’ll talk about all of our favorite, recurring themes in Faberry fics -- canonical and not -- and why we have fallen in love with them.
  • Character Voice: Avoiding Over-Berrying and How Do You Quinn? (mod: kben)
    What it is that separates a believable Rachel Berry from Roget's Thesaurus and how do authors hone in on any singular aspect of Quinn Fabray's seemingly multiple personalities?
  • Where Do We Go From Here? A discussion of what awesome avenues still remain unexplored in Faberry fic (mod: kben)
    It seems that Glee won't be giving us any new Faberry canon, but we still seem to be drawn to these characters. What stories do we still want to tell? Where would we like to see them, down the line? As a fandom, what is it that compels us to remain involved?


  • Evening Mixer/Birthday Party
    This is our Thursday night "pre-con" event in the official party room. It's Pouty's birthday, and anything could happen!
  • Episode Theater
    During registration on Friday, attendees can hang out in the theater room to watch 2 favorite episodes (determined by vote) and chat with new friends!
  • Shopping Time
    We'll let the vendors set up for 30 minutes each day to market their art, fic, music, swag, and whatever else! Bring your dollars!
  • KaraokGlee!
    Let's sing! We'll bring the Wii and the Glee karaoke game, and you bring your talent and drunken shenanigans. This will be Friday night as a great ice-breaker.
  • Fic Author Q&R
    We'll have many great authors in attendance, and we've assembled an amazing panel for a Question & Response session! kabensi will host it, James Lipton style, asking the hard-hitting questions about writing Faberry fanfiction. Then, you'll get your chance to ask an author that burning question you've had for so long. Panelists: K.AudreyLeto, poetzproblem, PrettyLittlePoutyMouth, and SkyWarrior108, as well as kabensi herself. This will be on Saturday night.
  • Media Show
    After talking all day, it'll feel good to turn off the lights and watch things on the big screen together, theater style! jarrow has strung together a great playlist of all the best Faberry vids, scenes, and musical numbers for your watching pleasure! This will be on Saturday night.
  • Open Mic Night
    Our talents aren't just limited to writing and making art! If you've got some talent ripe for the open mic stage, bring it! You can sing, read poetry, rap, tell jokes, do stupid human tricks, whatever you want. Alcohol encouraged.
  • James Butterworth Concert
    We are incredibly fortunate to have Australia's own James Butterworth in attendance for FaberryCon West! James is a fannish musician, known for his Brittana songs, bandom parodies/covers, and EP Songs for Kahlan, based on Legend of the Seeker femslash. Now, he's midway through creating a Faberry EP based on the fic Should Have Asked For Directions, which he'll be debuting at FaberryCon Sunday night!

You can check out James's website and YouTube channel for a taste of what he'll be treating you to at West. He's part rock, part folk, part country, part blues, and 100% fanboy.

Recommended videos:

James's concert will be filmed for release to Supporting Members.


We have a different block of game time each day with its own structure!

Friday: Glee Games/Crafts Mixer

  • Murder at McKinley: As seen on the FaberryCon East Supporting Member DVDs! Ever played "The Village: Werewolves of Millers Hollow" or "Mafia"? You know, where people have roles and the bad guys (whose identities are secret) try to "kill" the good guys before the good guys can figure out who's who? Yeah, well. Imagine playing it with the cast of McKinley High, featuring Serial!Killer Quinns! We'll give you a character (and an information sheet, as some have powers!) and embark on a murderous adventure of hilarity and paranoia. Big thanks to whatrumorstho and babybear613 for donating the game!
  • Lucy's Play-Doh Funhouse: Because even though we're grown-ups, who doesn't love crafting? Bonus points if you recreate Faberry moments. (Based on the same idea in this fic.)
  • Glee Uno and Scene-It: There's something for everyone! Come get competitive with your brand new friends and kick their asses. You know, lovingly. Did I mention Quinn is on the Draw 4 card?

Saturday: Faberry Game Show

  • Pictionary! Draw ridiculous Faberry-themed clues (both short and long) as people try to guess the prompt. Bring your imagination and prepare to laugh. A lot.
  • Manip or Real? Team up and put your heads together to determine whether the picture of Lea and Dianna is legit or not. Damn wizards and their Photoshop.

Sunday: Fanfiction Game Show

  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? Authors and fic enthusiasts battle to identify who wrote a given line of fic (and what it's from on this list). Come watch your favorite authors completely forget that thing they wrote that time. Tequila is encouraged.
  • Draw the Fic! Think of it as fanfic Pictionary. Get a fic title, draw the plot, and let the crowd sort out which one it is. You know, based on your awesome artistic skills.

Both game shows (Sat and Sun) will be filmed for release to supporting members.