FaberryCon South Pricing Information

FaberryCon South Pricing Information

July 9-12, 2015

Page last updated: August 31, 2015

Attending Memberships

You must be at least 18 years old by the con's start date to attend FaberryCon.

Attending Memberships cost $90 All payments must be submitted through Paypal OR by mail with a check or money order. Failure to submit a payment within 3 weeks of registering may result in the deletion of your registration. Because we expect to reach capacity, this policy will be strictly enforced. (You can re-register as you like, as space permits.)

You can pay in full or in two installments. If paying by installment, your first $50 is due within 3 weeks of registering. This holds your spot. You then have until June 30th to submit the remaining $40, or you forfeit your registration and $50.

Because Paypal fees can add up very quickly on our end, we graciously ask that Paypal users cover the fees. You are welcome to pay by check or money order to avoid this.

We cannot accept registrations after June 30th. Tickets will remain on sale until then, or the con is full. Our capacity is 60 attendees, plus staff and a maximum of 8 day passes. If we reach capacity, we will start a waiting list. Tickets will not be sold at the door.

Registration funds pay for: Entrance to ALL con programming, two provided meals during the con, additional catered snacks/drinks in the con space, registration packet (badge, lanyard, program), a con logo USB drive loaded with filmed footage and pictures (mailed in August), and administrative costs such as con space rental and insurance.

Registration funds do not cover: Your travel costs, your hotel room costs, swag for purchase, or additional meals and beverages purchased outside the con space.

Day Passes:

If you can only attend FaberryCon for 1 day, that's okay! We'll be glad to have you with us! Day passes are $50 for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. (If you can come for 2 days, just get a regular attending membership, as supplies last.) Day passes can ony be paid in full, not in installments, and you must register before June 30th. Payment is due within 3 weeks of your registration being approved. Supplies are limited (a maximum of 8 total). If you want to convert to a full attending membership later (if available), just let us know and pay the difference.

Supporting Memberships:

Supporting memberships are the best way to get a piece of the action if you can’t attend the con in person. You get a full-color con program (with YOUR name listed!) and a FaberryCon logo 8GB USB drive containing exclusive recordings of the filmed events, such as the History of Faberry Fanfiction panel, group games, the Fic and Haiku Battles, and Open Mic Night. You'll also get 2 buttons (1 of your choice) and a bonus swag add-on, because our little goodies are super fun.

Want more? Add any items from the store into your cart to build your very own, customized Supporting Membership package! We'll ship it anywhere in the world in August. Thanks for helping make FaberryCon the best it can be!

Supporting Memberships will remain on sale until July 31st, 2015. Payment is due within 30 days of your registration being approved.

Refund Policy:

The first $50 of an Attending Membership is non-refundable. Supporting Memberships and day passes are also non-refundable. In the highly unlikely event of cancellation of the con itself, all registration funds will be refunded in full, minus Paypal fees.

If you cannot attend the event after submitting a payment, you have several options regarding your registration:

  1. Forfeit your first $50, which will go toward making FaberryCon as kickass as possible for those who attend. If you'd paid in full, we'll refund your other $40. Your Attending Membership will be converted to a Supporting Membership.
  2. You may transfer your registration to someone else, either in full or in part. Have her/him fill out the registration form as usual and mark the transfer option. Email faberrycon@gmail.com to notify us of your decision, and we will apply your funds to her/him.
  3. You may transfer your registration to a future FaberryCon Attending Membership for yourself, paying only any outstanding difference in cost.

By submitting your payment, you agree to these terms and conditions.

If you have questions about payments, please contact faberrycon@gmail.com