FC East: Attending Members Forum

Welcome to the members-only area!

This is where the folks who have committed to the con can come together and make it as awesome as possible in the ways that we want. Because, hey, it's our con.

Please do not share the username/password. If folks want in on this goodness, they can register. (Booyah.)

This page will host a wealth of information between now and the con. I will try to email the list of attending members to let you know when things go live here so you won't miss it.

NEW: Raffle / Swap / Dealer Items:

If you have items to contribute to the raffle, swap table, or sell on the dealer table, please bring them to the con suite between 10 and 11am on Friday if you are at the con already. (I said 9-10 before, but it's been pointed out to me that that's, well, early.) If you're arriving later, we can still totally get your stuff in the mix. It just helps to have as much set up as possible before the con starts. Thanks so much for contributing to the con!

NEW: Useful Hotel Info:

  • Shuttle info: There is a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel. I called the hotel to ask about it, and they said it comes every 30 minutes or so; you don't need to call them to get you or anything. "Go outside baggage claim to ground transportation in zone 1 between lanes 20-24," they say. (I assume it'll make sense when you see it?) I assume other hotel shuttles will be going to/from that same spot, so there should be signs. Just make sure you get on the shuttle for Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport South, as there is also a North hotel.
  • Continental Breakfast: The times for the free breakfast are M-F 6:00A-9:30A and Sat-Sun 6:00A-10:00A. Plan your sleeps accordingly!

NEW: Voting on Episodes:

What 2 episodes should we watch on the big screen on Friday afternoon? That's up to you! Go cast your vote by Wednesday!

Your "Don't Forget" List:

Just a few friendly reminders as you're packing for the con...:

  • Bring your ID to registration: You'll need it to pick up your packet on Friday! If you're only coming for Saturday, jarrow will email you about setting up a reg time.
  • Be a Skyperone: Talk to your non-attending friends and see if they want to be Skyped in for any discussion panels. Maybe make a Tumblr post and offer up your services. There are many Faberrians who'd kill to be in the room with us, so let's help 'em out if we can.
  • Follow us on Twitter: We'll be updating officially at @FaberryConEast, and we'll be using the hashtag #FaberryCon to update info on room parties, great quotes, and whatever else. Plus, kben really wants to get #FaberryCon trending :-)
  • Bring cash in small bills: We will be selling things like art, bound fic, extra con swag, and who knows what else at the con. You will almost certainly see things you want! And we will quite possibly not be able to break your $20s! Come prepared, por favor.
  • Items for the raffle and/or swap table: Generally, unique items or things worth more than $5 can go into our raffle, and stuff like magazines/posters/discs/whatever else goes on the swap table to be snagged for free. Try to bring at least 1 thing to donate! It's a great chance to get rid of excess fannish crap in your closet.
  • Booze and/or Groceries for your room: If you're driving in, I recommend packing your booze/snacks of choice in your luggage so you won't have to venture out from the con to track some down.
  • Bring a small bag/notepad/pen: While you're in panels, you'll probably hear things you want to write down (or type out), or you'll want to make notes in your program, or whatever. Personally, I carry a small messenger bag with my laptop and a mini legal pad & pen. It makes for a happy con.
  • Exchange roommate information beforehand: There's nothing quite like getting to the con and not having the full names and phone numbers of the people you're rooming with, and then you can't get into your room and you don't know what they look like and you're sitting in the lobby all embarrassed and trying to guess what random strangers look like they might be fangirls. Not that that's ever happened to me before or anything.

Photo Album:

After the con, I will mail you a DVD with all the filmed footage (including Karaoke, an Attending Members exclusive!) I would also like to put a photo album from the con with pictures we took there. This consolidates them and helps us share photos without having to post them online. Again, this would go to attending members only.

So, after the con, please email the pictures you took (that you're willing to share with folks who were there) to faberrycon@gmail.com by 2/28, and I'll include them in the album! Please note that this is separate from the consent list below, which applies to posting pictures online for general consumption. By registering for/attending the con, you've already consented to having your picture taken by attendees, for attendees. :-)


The catering order has now been submitted! Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll; you helped tremendously. With your registration, you've paid for 2 meals and access to all the snacks, so here's what you can expect:


  • Provided lunch: Flatbread pizza! Plain cheese, Spinach/Artichoke, and Italiano (pepperoni), as well as Tomato Bruschetta
  • Snacks: Fresh cut mixed fruit, cheese plate, chips & salsa
  • Desserts: Chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies, gourmet cupcakes, mini cheesecake bites


  • Provided dinner: Nacho bar (with beef chili and plain beans), Southwestern quesadillas (plain cheese, or chicken), and Hummus flight trio
  • Snacks: Fresh cut mixed fruit, cheese plate, chips & salsa, carrot & celery crudite
  • Desserts: Chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies, gourmet cupcakes, mini cheesecake bites


  • Snacks: Cinnamon rolls, fresh cut mixed fruit, cheese plate, chips & salsa
  • Desserts: Chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies, gourmet cupcakes, mini cheesecake bites

There will also be an unlimited supply of tea, coffee, water, and sodas throughout the weekend. All food and beverage will be in the con suite (meeting room 1).

If you feel that your dietary needs will not be attended to, please email us so we can address it. Thanks!

Prep for the Fanfiction Game Show:

Everyone will have the chance to play in the game show on Sunday! We'll be looking for your knowledge of up to 15 well-known fics, many by authors attending the con. Go check out the list on the message board, and start studying! Your team needs you!

Booking Your Hotel Room:

jarrow has 1 room left in the block. Please email him at faberrycon@gmail.com right away if you need it. This reserveration will be canceled on Wednesday 2/13.

As for your existing reservations, if you have any problems, you can call the hotel at (770) 994-2997. Check-in starts at 3pm. If the person booking won't arrive first, call the hotel and add additional names to the room. You can cancel/change a reservation as late as the day before the con. You do NOT have to put down a deposit, and they won't charge your card until you check out.

Hotel Roommate Sign-Up:

Separate from actually booking with the hotel, we still ask that you use the online roommate system (to make sure no one is left out in the cold). Be sure to check out the message board for a thread on hotel roommates! You can work out your situation there, then come plug it in to the sign-up page. It's not overly complicated, but a walk-through doesn't hurt, so I've also put together some user-friendly instructions! There are screencaps and everything, so please, for the love of Quinn, use them instead of just diving right in. Thank you :-)

We really do need everyone to please sign up online in addition to booking with the hotel. Thank you!

If you have any problems, just email me: faberrycon@gmail.com

Attending Members Consent/Confidentiality:

Privacy and safety are very important to us, and we get that not everyone is "out" in fandom and wants their name and/or face spread all over the internet. So, we've made this space to let you know where those of us at the con fall in terms of photos being posted after the con. Please come check this list carefully after the con if you are posting pictures. (Members are listed alphabetically by online name.) If you want to change your designation between now and then, no problem -- just let us know.

# of Attendees to date: 36

Badge Name:Tumblr/online username:Can post their photos online?Anon or w/ online name?
Kel yesname is fine
Rachel BerryAlyssa Carsonyesname is fine
Kimbabybear613yesname is fine
Jesscatchmejumpingyesname is fine
An`JanaeCommanderDennuyesname is fine
Debra@DebraDuncanyesname is fine
Bellaelectrictwizistyesname is fine
Marilynfanewbwagrinyesanon only
AmiFlyingFleshEateryesname is fine
Kelseygoneawayawhileyesname is fine
Johnjarrowyesname is fine
KadiKadiberksyesanon only
kbenkabensiyesname is fine
Meganinvisimegyesname is fine
Vanessalostinmcleanyesname is fine
Serenitynotquitesurewhyiyesname is fine
TheresaOfMuralyesname is fine
Tami@OMFG_its_Tamiyesname is fine
Poohpoohlikeaboss / rqficrecsyesname is fine
Poutyprettylittlepoutymouthyesname is fine
Leahprofessorsporkyesname is fine
Dakridakulousyesname is fine
Crystalroguishpixieyesanon only
Kimberlyslikchikyesname is fine
Bridgetstix04yesname is fine
The Genius Slapperstuffthatsrudeandsowrongyesname is fine
ElyseSuperflyseyesname is fine
WhitneyTheFaberryQueenyesname is fine
Gregwallaceopoulosyesanon only
Kristinewicked-dreameryesname is fine
Morganwhatrumorsthoyesanon only
Eviewriterofwankyesname is fine
Mollyyour.katyesname is fine

Note: Please allow 24 hours to have your name added if you have just registered. Thanks!