Welcome to FaberryCon!

An in-person gathering of Faberry fans to celebrate our ship and amazing community. Yep, it's awesome.

Start planning on joining us for our FIFTH and FINAL con in summer 2016! Come join us for a damn good time -- Rachel Berry approved!


FaberryCon Five Staff

jarrowCon Chair / Planning / Registration / Social Media
kbenCo-chair / Planning / Zombie Apocalypse Coordinator
PoohPlanning / Vendors / Fundraising / Hospitality
KaylaSwag Design / Mobile Site / Tech
Lara and PaulOperations
KristineLiveblogging / Filming

Official con graphics originally designed by Liz

Program cover graphics designed by KiWy and (previously) patronustrip

FaberryCon Affiliates

FaberryCon WorksMedia created at/for FaberryCon
Shut the Front DoorOfficial FaberryCon Podcast
rqficrecsOfficial Fic Recs Blog

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